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How I started babywearing

I remember seeing my first ever baby carrier when I was a child. The baby carrier was owned by my aunt and she would use the baby carrier whenever she would be carrying my cousin for an extended amount of time. I never questioned its usage and accepted it like it is a normal way of parenting amidst it being the only time I saw a baby carrier being used. Flash-forward to the moment I had my baby, I became interested in baby carriers. I remembered how easy it was for my aunt and uncle to maneuver tight crowds with ease using baby carriers. Luckily my husband have the same idea regarding baby carriers from his cultural upbringing wherein Kurdish mothers would wrap their babies using a cloth and baby wear them.

As I started researching baby carriers, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and the numerous different kinds of baby carriers and brands. The price can also be overwhelming and expensive at first glance. As I research about baby carriers more and more, I became more intrigued and in love with them. There are so many options ranging from wraps, slings, and soft structured carriers (SSC). Of course the variety of beautiful patterns and added features just makes me eager to try them out more. However with our limited income, I took the task of comparing which carrier we should buy. For me, this task is so hard because I just want to own and try them all. Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment hence I narrowed it down into ease of usage. I decided that SSC would be easier due to its easy way of wearing with minimal effort and I feel that I can just wear them or take them off quickly. This is a must especially if my husband and I decided to switch whomever is baby wearing our baby. The next task is to figure which SSC feature would work out best for our family. As many of you may already know SSC offers a variety of one or more of these features: back carry, hip carry, front facing (the wearer), and forward/outward facing. Furthermore, a pocket would be ideal whenever we (mainly I) decided not to bring the diaper bag. Additionally, my husband wanted to forward/outward face our baby whenever we baby wear him. With these requirements, I set about researching which SSC would best suit my family’s needs. I ended up choosing LÍLLÉbaby aqua airflow ( because of its ability to forward/outward face, lumbar support, huge pocket, and its ability to baby wear from 7-45 lbs. The LÍLLÉbaby aqua airflow is also perfect for summer months and a baby wearer who tends to sweat easily which my husband and baby does happen to experience quite easily. I would say that it’s the best purchase that we made regarding choosing a baby carrier.

However, let me be honest once you start baby wearing, you become more and more obsessed with buying or acquiring the different brands, patterns, types, and designs that these amazing baby carrier companies offer. I am certainly not finished and I do have a long list of baby carriers that I want to buy once I get the money to do so.


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