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Baby Tula Free to Grow

Have you ever heard of the word, Baby Tula? If you have never heard of it, I think it is time that you start searching about Baby Tula carriers. They are a company that offers amazing baby carrier prints. Recently they are introduced their very own baby carrier that does not need an infant insert! To tell you the truth, I hate infant inserts! HATE, HATE, HATE it a lot! Why you may ask? It is because it adds layers to my already very sweaty and hot #babykurdi! #babykurdi tends to sweat easily and is also very fussy. Making #babykurdi use an infant insert so I can babywear him is better left unsaid. Now, back to the new #babytula trend. Have you seen the Blossom Free to Grow? I like all things floral and that baby carrier is LOVE! I also love that it has PFAs though they said it is a modified version of it. PFAs would make sure that #babykurdi would have a better fit when I babywear him. I am also very interested in their new baby carrier panel material, twill. I am not fully educated on what it is BUT I have read that it is a mix between a canvas and wrap conversion type fabric. If #babytula wants to send a Blossom Free to Grow my way, I would gladly accept with both hands and feet! 

If you are interested in finding out more about this #babytula Blossom Free to Grow, click the link below. 


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