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Lillebaby Complete Brilliance Embossed

Lillebaby Complete Brilliance Embossed carrier is one of the most luxurious baby carrier I have ever seen. It has the gold embellishments and tons of carrying positions to choose from. I choose Lillebaby because of the versatility to be able to front-face, hip carry, back carry, and forward carry all in 1 amazing baby carrier! This carrier can be worn from 7-45 lbs! It has a huge front pocket that can be used to store phones, diapers, wipes, keys, snacks, etc. Furthermore, it has a hood that can be used to shield the kiddos from the sun. This hood can be removed so if you are not a fan of the hood, then take it out then you will have an extra pocket to carry things! I sometimes use this hood pocket to store my phone for easy access! It is a very comfortable carrier especially due to the AMAZING lumbar support. I can baby wear my son for long periods of time with no backaches thanks to this added feature. Additionally, I like that it has a 2-way adjustable straps which makes it easier to customize the fit. It can a bit overwhelming at first though but once you get the hang of it, it is definitely so easy to use. The straps needs a bit of loosening especially when first bought, just like any carrier, since it can be a bit stiff to adjust at first. I also like that Lillebaby has one of the highest panel height which makes your baby carrying journey last for a long time. Even though I like the adjustable hood which makes the panel longer in height, I do not like that it is attached to an elastic which can loosen over-repeated use or when kids, like my son, likes to lean back.

Brilliance Embossed is composed of a smooth athletic outer lining and a soft microsuede inner lining. The outer lining makes this carrier very easy to wipe and clean. DO NOT LET THE WHITE FOOL YOU! It is very easy to clean and does not stain! I like the soft inner layer as well which makes the carrier feel all the more luxurious. I do wish that there is leg padding though but it does not seem to bother my son so it must be comfy for him. The carrier is quite thin but very supportive hence making it really breathable for summer. I do not sweat when using this carrier. Though I tend to wear tons of layers so I am quite used to the heat. It is perfect for an all year round carrier as long as you dress your baby or child warmly during winter season. Have you ever tried a Lillebaby carrier before? If not, you should definitely give it a try! PLUS, they have an amazing customer service! They go above and beyond to please their customers! That in itself makes me very happy and satisfied with my purchase.





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