Lenny Lamb

Lenny Lamb Holiday Cruise Sackpack


One of my current must haves are Lenny Lamb sackpacks. I am able to satisfy my want to own the many picturesque Lenny Lamb prints by buying the affordable and useful sackpacks. I have chosen this particular print since I have always love anything sea-related materials or prints. Seeing the vibrant blue colour with sailboats design is so nostalgic and refreshing to stare at. Sackpacks are so versatile, very useful, and can fit a lot! I can fit my Lillebaby brilliance embossed with no problem at all. I can even fit a diaper, wipes, and a change of baby clothes in there too. PLUS it is quite affordable for the quality of fabric that it is made of.

This particular sackpack feels soft and does not easily snag. It also feels a bit more lightweight than the other sackpack that I have. I have not noticed any tendency to get dirty easily yet. I like that it can be worn like a backpack quite comfortably though I did have to pull both string ends equally to avoid unequal distribution of the string since one end of the string is connected to the fabric. Furthermore, I also like the inner lining which is white which does provide a beautiful contrast from the front print though it does have a higher risk of getting dirty easily. Again, I would have wished it is either double layered or has an inner pul fabric. But as it is, it is quite beautiful and wonderful.


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