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Geox shoes

My search for comfortable shoes is ongoing especially since my baby’s feet is constantly outgrowing the shoes he currently have! Shoes are so expensive yet toddlers are outgrowing it left and right. Since my son’s current shoes is almost too tight, we decided to try and search for new shoes to buy again! Just like any parents or caregivers, this kind of endeavor takes days if not even weeks to accomplish. Things get in the way of a shopping trip or we fail to find THE perfect shoe with reasonable price. Just like typical #kurdidad fashion, he just randomly announced that we will be going to the mall. He does this kind of surprises and unplanned trips ever since I met him and I AM STILL NOT USED TO IT! It drives me crazy all the time. You see, I like to PLAN things. I HATE when I am not properly prepared for all the “what ifs” that might happen during that trip. I hate last minute plans. It just gives me anxiety and gives me a bad mood. HATE IT, HATE IT! Yet, my husband still LOVES SURPRISES. He still does not understand why I NEED to be told days before of this impending trip. Even though during the times that I am not prepared because of his surprises, we would then need a particular baby item which he would ask why I did not bring it! Like hello, whose fault was it? Anyway, I digress. So here I was scrambling to at least try to bring things that we might need during this trip. I am already in a bad mood so he gets the silent treatment. Once we reached the mall, we looked at different children stores yet failed to find the shoes that we both like. Until we happen to pass by this new store in the mall. Out of curiosity, we decided to give their products a look. OMG! I have never been so in love with toddler shoes so much until I saw and felt these shoes! These shoes is made of ITALIAN LEATHER and are so fashionable yet so comfy!  Geox shoes are so breathable and has an inner lining that can be taken out for ease of measurements as well as for cleaning purposes. We all know that all kinds of things fall in the abyss of toddler shoes, right? Even I still experience having a random small rock fall in my own shoes, how much more my toddler’s shoes? The shoes are antibacterial which is a huge plus since we all know that toddlers can be so gross at times. I love that these shoes are made of 2 velcro flaps which makes it contour and fit toddler’s feet. We even bought this shoes in a size or 2 bigger yet my son can still walk comfortably without the shoes flying away. The sole of the shoe  are also nonskid which prevents toddlers from slipping since they are still trying to control their balance. I love these shoes amidst it being quite expensive but I could totally see myself as being another loyal goex shoes customer. We did get it on sale though so it did not hurt my husband’s pockets that much.

What do you think of this beauty? Have you tried Goex shoes before? What other pet-peeves do you have? Are you a planner like me or a spur-of-the-moment person like my husband?

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