Baby Products, Playtex

Playtex sipsters stage 3

Playtex stage 3 insulated sipsters are so durable and of good quality. We have been using these sippy cups for months now and they are still functioning quite well. My son loves using these sippy cups and he even mastered how to close or open the lids and even throw the whole thing! Amidst some bruises, this poor sippy cup is still going strong. I do like that it can be taken apart in order to be cleaned properly. Furthermore, this particular sippy cup is insulated so it keeps liquids cold for quite a while.

They do dry quickly but you just have to make sure to separate the bottle from the lid and straw in order for the straw to dry properly. These sippy cups are affordable and can held by a toddler quite easily. Even though my son sometimes bites the straw, it is still functioning and does not seem like it needs replacing yet. Furthermore, I love that it has a lid cover since it helps prevents leaks or even covers the straw whenever my son thinks it is funny to throw his sippy cup.


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