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Baby Tula Free to Grow

Have you ever heard of the word, Baby Tula? If you have never heard of it, I think it is time that you start searching about Baby Tula carriers. They are a company that offers amazing baby carrier prints. Recently they are introduced their very own baby carrier that does not need an infant insert! To tell you the truth, I hate infant inserts! HATE, HATE, HATE it a lot! Why you may ask? It is because it adds layers to my already very sweaty and hot #babykurdi! #babykurdi tends to sweat easily and is also very fussy. Making #babykurdi use an infant insert so I can babywear him is better left unsaid. Now, back to the new #babytula trend. Have you seen the Blossom Free to Grow? I like all things floral and that baby carrier is LOVE! I also love that it has PFAs though they said it is a modified version of it. PFAs would make sure that #babykurdi would have a better fit when I babywear him. I am also very interested in their new baby carrier panel material, twill. I am not fully educated on what it is BUT I have read that it is a mix between a canvas and wrap conversion type fabric. If #babytula wants to send a Blossom Free to Grow my way, I would gladly accept with both hands and feet! 

If you are interested in finding out more about this #babytula Blossom Free to Grow, click the link below. 


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Car seats

The moment I found out that I was pregnant, I started researching about car seats. Besides that it is mandated by law to use a car seat, I wanted to provide the best car seat for my baby. Unfortunately I later realize that I did not do a more thorough research regarding which car seat to use immediately after bringing my baby home from the hospital. I do know that all the car seats sold in Canada are strictly inspected and is safe to use. What I regretted was not researching or choosing an infant car seat that would enable us to utilize it for an extended amount of time. This includes having an infant car seat that has a higher than necessary height and weight limit. You see, most babies or children outgrew their car seats’ height limit earlier than the weight limit. This is why it is important to choose a car seat that would allow the child to continue rear facing for as long as possible ideally at least 4 years old.

The regret that I felt may be because I later realized that our car does not support anchoring the car seats using the latch system when it is being placed in the middle seat. Placing the car seat in the middle seat is the safest but if it is not possible as long as the car seat is properly installed it is safe for the baby or child. Our car not supporting the middle seat latch attachment could explain why our infant car seat can still be moved more than an inch no matter how tight we made it to be. My husband and I would constantly argue about it and I always insist that he should tighten it more. I even tried googling places wherein car seat installation can be checked for free, unfortunately I could not find it in my province. Luckily we rarely ever bring our baby outside unless for doctor’s appointments or the rare occasion of grocery shopping (my husband is the one who always grocery shop in our household).

As my baby outgrew his infant car seat, I decided to research car seats thoroughly because I wanted my baby to use a car seat that would allow him to rear-face for as long as possible (minimum of 4 years old). I even utilize Car Seats For The Littles ( who has an amazing resource regarding car seats. Based on those requirements, I decided on purchasing the Graco4ever 4-in-1 convertible car seat ( who has an extended height limit and a rear-facing weight limit of 40 lbs. This convertible car seat also converts from rear-facing, forward-facing, high back booster, and backless booster until 120 lbs. Amidst its high price tag, I was very happy that Graco was finally able to launch this car seat into Canadian market.

Remembering our mistakes as first time parents regarding car seat installation, I made sure that my husband tighten the car seat as much as possible making sure that it does not move more than an inch on all sides. I still do not like that it is being installed behind the passenger seat instead of in the middle seat but I am reassured that as long as the car seat is installed properly, it should be safe for my baby. What I learned from this experience is that parents, especially first time parents, should research their chosen car seats thoroughly and also learn to properly install car seats. I know it can be a daunting process but our kids deserves the best protection that we can give them when traveling using a car.

Another important lesson that I learned regarding car seat safety is that babies and children should never wear coats or bulky jackets when using a car seat. It is best and safest to dress babies and children in thin clothing either a t-shirt and pants or a onesie. If it is winter, it is best to cover babies and children in coats, blankets, or a poncho on top of the car seat straps instead of wearing coats or bulky jackets underneath the car seat straps. In the event of an accident, the car seats straps would not be able to properly secure the baby or child if they are wearing coats or bulky clothing. Furthermore, the chest clip should be placed in armpit level and the strap is below the shoulder of the baby or child when rear facing.

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How I started babywearing

I remember seeing my first ever baby carrier when I was a child. The baby carrier was owned by my aunt and she would use the baby carrier whenever she would be carrying my cousin for an extended amount of time. I never questioned its usage and accepted it like it is a normal way of parenting amidst it being the only time I saw a baby carrier being used. Flash-forward to the moment I had my baby, I became interested in baby carriers. I remembered how easy it was for my aunt and uncle to maneuver tight crowds with ease using baby carriers. Luckily my husband have the same idea regarding baby carriers from his cultural upbringing wherein Kurdish mothers would wrap their babies using a cloth and baby wear them.

As I started researching baby carriers, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and the numerous different kinds of baby carriers and brands. The price can also be overwhelming and expensive at first glance. As I research about baby carriers more and more, I became more intrigued and in love with them. There are so many options ranging from wraps, slings, and soft structured carriers (SSC). Of course the variety of beautiful patterns and added features just makes me eager to try them out more. However with our limited income, I took the task of comparing which carrier we should buy. For me, this task is so hard because I just want to own and try them all. Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment hence I narrowed it down into ease of usage. I decided that SSC would be easier due to its easy way of wearing with minimal effort and I feel that I can just wear them or take them off quickly. This is a must especially if my husband and I decided to switch whomever is baby wearing our baby. The next task is to figure which SSC feature would work out best for our family. As many of you may already know SSC offers a variety of one or more of these features: back carry, hip carry, front facing (the wearer), and forward/outward facing. Furthermore, a pocket would be ideal whenever we (mainly I) decided not to bring the diaper bag. Additionally, my husband wanted to forward/outward face our baby whenever we baby wear him. With these requirements, I set about researching which SSC would best suit my family’s needs. I ended up choosing LÍLLÉbaby aqua airflow ( because of its ability to forward/outward face, lumbar support, huge pocket, and its ability to baby wear from 7-45 lbs. The LÍLLÉbaby aqua airflow is also perfect for summer months and a baby wearer who tends to sweat easily which my husband and baby does happen to experience quite easily. I would say that it’s the best purchase that we made regarding choosing a baby carrier.

However, let me be honest once you start baby wearing, you become more and more obsessed with buying or acquiring the different brands, patterns, types, and designs that these amazing baby carrier companies offer. I am certainly not finished and I do have a long list of baby carriers that I want to buy once I get the money to do so.


My blog journey

I have never thought of starting my own blog until a few days ago. I do have lots of ideas in my head but I have never entertained the idea of publishing or in this case, blogging it for the world to see. I guess what finally pushed me towards establishing my own blog is my need to find an outlet for all the things that are stuck inside my head. Talking about all my ideas to somebody can just go to such an extent until boredom or life kicks in and I am still left having that need for somebody or something to talk about. From that thirst to take out my inner thoughts resulted to the establishment of this blog.

Creating my first blog is quite unnerving. It is like learning how to ride a bike. To tell you the truth it also took me years to have the courage to learn how to ride a bike after my first bike riding attempt resulted in me falling. No, I did not injure myself. I only injured myself once I learned how to ride a bike. Writing a blog, like riding a bike can be quite exciting at a distance but once one delves into the intricacies of creating one, it can be quite overwhelming. To be honest, I still have no clue how my blog would unfold or what kind of topics I would discuss in this blog. However one thing is for certain, I would definitely talk about my parenting journey.  I would talk about topics that interest me as a parent at this moment in time. It is because parenting is the sun that my whole universe revolves around on. Being a parent is my main identity and my main focus and it would just be natural to talk about being a parent in this blog. Amidst parenthood being a central piece of this blog that does not mean I would not talk about other ideas or topics. I know myself too well that my mind would definitely jump from ideas to ideas so this blog would certainly not only focus on parenting that is for sure.

                                                                                                                               ~The Kurdi Mom

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” by Albert Einstein 

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My Diaper Bag Must Haves

  1. DIAPERS: I always make sure I have at least 2 extra diapers in my diaper bag whenever we go outside just in case my baby urinates or have a bowel movement.
  2. WIPES: For obvious reasons, this is utilized when we need to change my baby’s diaper or even when we have to wipe his face after he eats. We use disposable paper towels instead of the baby wipes.
  3. CHANGING PAD: You never know what happened or who touched the baby’s changing table in the washroom or if it has even been cleaned. I would never want my baby to lie into a surface that is dirty.
  4. LYSOL WIPES:This is to clean the changing table or any surface that my baby would touch or sit on including those baby chairs that can be used in the food court. Again no one will know for sure if somebody did not wash their hands after using the washroom. Babies and children most of the time would touch surfaces and puts their hands into their mouth. Yeah, that is a no no in my house.
  5. EXTRA CLOTHES: Having an extra baby clothes is important in case of explosive bowel movements or whenever the baby gets dirty after eating a meal outside. I can barely remember using my baby’s extra clothes but I would rather bring it than needing it and it is not in my bag.
  6. NURSING COVER: I used my baby’s old swaddle blankets to tie around my neck (loosely of course). I would prefer to preserve my modesty but I do know this is based on each mothers’ preferences and you do what you feel is right for you. Unfortunately for the past couple of months, my baby is in the age of extreme curiosity, he would constantly fight or try to lift the nursing cover/blanket away from his face whenever I nurse him outside. I am always thankful that most of the large shopping malls in my area has a nursing room for breastfeeding mothers. It is never okay to push a breastfeeding mother to utilize a washroom to nurse her baby. That is very unsanitary and dehumanizing. Nobody wants to eat inside a washroom, why would a baby be expected to do so?
  7. FIRST-AID KIT: My kit includes a band-aid, burn/cut ointment, and CPR kit. During summer months, I would also include sunscreen and mosquito repellent in there as well. One can never know what can happen anywhere so I am always prepared just in case.
  8. UMBRELLA: You may find this confusing or hilarious but I am from a culture that umbrella is a must whenever one goes out from the house. You ask why would someone need an umbrella? You see umbrella is so versatile. One can use an umbrella when it is hot outside (to prevent sunburns) or when it is raining or even snowing. My umbrella is always inside my diaper bag whenever and whatever season it may be.
  9. HAND FAN: Another cultural must have. I always, ALWAYS bring a hand fan even during winter. I mean when one is wearing bulky coats, it is expected that one can always expect to feel sweaty sometimes. This is when a hand fan is vital. Furthermore, during the summer months, a hand fan would make strolling in the park or anywhere else comfortable.
  10. SNACKS and DRINKS: Once my baby reached 6 months, I always bring snacks and drinks whenever we go. My baby is very picky and bringing 2-3 or even more snacks and a drink (water or milk) plus a food pouch ensures that I do not have to deal with a hungry and cranky baby. I also like options hence the need of different kinds of snacks.  
  11. TOILETRIES: This is very important since one can never know when it is needed. This also includes a mini travel bottle of baby soap, small bottle of hand sanitizer, lotion, and lip balm.
  12. TOYS: A very important distraction device whenever my baby is getting cranky and does not like to strapped to his car seat.

You may wonder how I could fit all of that in my diaper bag. I can fit it in my guess bag and I even attached a messenger strap so I can just wear it across my body in case it gets too heavy. I am a self-professed over-packer but again I would rather have too much things to bring outside than not enough. What is your diaper bag must haves?