Be Quick, diaper bag, Jujube

My First Ju-Ju-Be -First Lady Be Quick

I did not know that there is a difference between diaper bags or that it could even be used as a fashion statement. I just thought diaper bags are boring and only used when caring for a baby. I was for sure in for a rude awakening when I stumbled upon Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags. Ju-Ju-Be offers a variety of diaper bag types and whimsical prints including legacy, classic, tokidoki, and so much more! Plus it is MACHINE WASHABLE. Every one that knows me know that I am a huge germaphobe and it used to bother me a lot that I could not wash my bags especially when there is an accidental spill!!! You could imagine my reaction and internal despair! Now, I no longer have to worry about that anymore or even when it is raining. I no longer have to try and protect my bags instead of myself from the downpour! Yes, I am that lady that worries about her bag more than her own self when it is raining! I do ALWAYS make sure to bring an umbrella though but the umbrella can only cover so much so I do try to cover my bags with my clothes. ¬†First lady Be Quick is my very first Ju-Ju-Be item. You see, it is quite hard to acquire Ju-Ju-Be since there is no retailer that sells it locally where I live in Canada. I would have to buy it online from online retailers or Ju-Ju-Be itself. That is tricky since I love and need to be able to physically touch items that I plan on buying. I always wonder, “what if I do not love it?”, but since acquiring this be quick, I no longer have to hesitate in buying more Ju-Ju-Be! Be quicks are so versatile and can be used in so many ways including as an organizer inside your diaper bags. It can fit 10 size 5 disposable diapers or more depending on whether you like to risk adding more.

I currently use it as a clutch/ sling bag. It is very spacious and satisfies my over-packer self as you can clearly tell from the photo above. I would have loved if Ju-Ju-Be included the strap or they sell a separate strap that matches their current prints so those people, like myself, who love to match prints.

I did not expect be quicks to have a small zipper pocket inside. This zipper pocket is so handy and I even use it to store my cards and some coins. You can use it for anything that you desire. I also love that the clutch handle can be attached to either side of the be quick which can turn it into a wristlet or a clutch or you can even attach your own strap to the d-rings to wear it like a sling bag. I love how Ju-Ju-Be had the forethought to make the be quick this way which makes it all the more AMAZING!

I had trouble trying to determine the size of the be quick when I decided I wanted one. I looked and researched tons of websites and even Ju-Ju-Be website itself for a measurement and failed to find one. For those of you who are wondering the same thing, I placed the be quick on top of the small Smart Bottoms wet bag for comparison. It is closely the same size. Have I convinced you to try the Ju-Ju-Be be quick yet? You would NOT regret it instead you would want to buy them all! I wish I could buy them all!