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My First Ju-Ju-Be -First Lady Be Quick

I did not know that there is a difference between diaper bags or that it could even be used as a fashion statement. I just thought diaper bags are boring and only used when caring for a baby. I was for sure in for a rude awakening when I stumbled upon Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags. Ju-Ju-Be offers a variety of diaper bag types and whimsical prints including legacy, classic, tokidoki, and so much more! Plus it is MACHINE WASHABLE. Every one that knows me know that I am a huge germaphobe and it used to bother me a lot that I could not wash my bags especially when there is an accidental spill!!! You could imagine my reaction and internal despair! Now, I no longer have to worry about that anymore or even when it is raining. I no longer have to try and protect my bags instead of myself from the downpour! Yes, I am that lady that worries about her bag more than her own self when it is raining! I do ALWAYS make sure to bring an umbrella though but the umbrella can only cover so much so I do try to cover my bags with my clothes.  First lady Be Quick is my very first Ju-Ju-Be item. You see, it is quite hard to acquire Ju-Ju-Be since there is no retailer that sells it locally where I live in Canada. I would have to buy it online from online retailers or Ju-Ju-Be itself. That is tricky since I love and need to be able to physically touch items that I plan on buying. I always wonder, “what if I do not love it?”, but since acquiring this be quick, I no longer have to hesitate in buying more Ju-Ju-Be! Be quicks are so versatile and can be used in so many ways including as an organizer inside your diaper bags. It can fit 10 size 5 disposable diapers or more depending on whether you like to risk adding more.

I currently use it as a clutch/ sling bag. It is very spacious and satisfies my over-packer self as you can clearly tell from the photo above. I would have loved if Ju-Ju-Be included the strap or they sell a separate strap that matches their current prints so those people, like myself, who love to match prints.

I did not expect be quicks to have a small zipper pocket inside. This zipper pocket is so handy and I even use it to store my cards and some coins. You can use it for anything that you desire. I also love that the clutch handle can be attached to either side of the be quick which can turn it into a wristlet or a clutch or you can even attach your own strap to the d-rings to wear it like a sling bag. I love how Ju-Ju-Be had the forethought to make the be quick this way which makes it all the more AMAZING!

I had trouble trying to determine the size of the be quick when I decided I wanted one. I looked and researched tons of websites and even Ju-Ju-Be website itself for a measurement and failed to find one. For those of you who are wondering the same thing, I placed the be quick on top of the small Smart Bottoms wet bag for comparison. It is closely the same size. Have I convinced you to try the Ju-Ju-Be be quick yet? You would NOT regret it instead you would want to buy them all! I wish I could buy them all!

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My Diaper Bag Must Haves

  1. DIAPERS: I always make sure I have at least 2 extra diapers in my diaper bag whenever we go outside just in case my baby urinates or have a bowel movement.
  2. WIPES: For obvious reasons, this is utilized when we need to change my baby’s diaper or even when we have to wipe his face after he eats. We use disposable paper towels instead of the baby wipes.
  3. CHANGING PAD: You never know what happened or who touched the baby’s changing table in the washroom or if it has even been cleaned. I would never want my baby to lie into a surface that is dirty.
  4. LYSOL WIPES:This is to clean the changing table or any surface that my baby would touch or sit on including those baby chairs that can be used in the food court. Again no one will know for sure if somebody did not wash their hands after using the washroom. Babies and children most of the time would touch surfaces and puts their hands into their mouth. Yeah, that is a no no in my house.
  5. EXTRA CLOTHES: Having an extra baby clothes is important in case of explosive bowel movements or whenever the baby gets dirty after eating a meal outside. I can barely remember using my baby’s extra clothes but I would rather bring it than needing it and it is not in my bag.
  6. NURSING COVER: I used my baby’s old swaddle blankets to tie around my neck (loosely of course). I would prefer to preserve my modesty but I do know this is based on each mothers’ preferences and you do what you feel is right for you. Unfortunately for the past couple of months, my baby is in the age of extreme curiosity, he would constantly fight or try to lift the nursing cover/blanket away from his face whenever I nurse him outside. I am always thankful that most of the large shopping malls in my area has a nursing room for breastfeeding mothers. It is never okay to push a breastfeeding mother to utilize a washroom to nurse her baby. That is very unsanitary and dehumanizing. Nobody wants to eat inside a washroom, why would a baby be expected to do so?
  7. FIRST-AID KIT: My kit includes a band-aid, burn/cut ointment, and CPR kit. During summer months, I would also include sunscreen and mosquito repellent in there as well. One can never know what can happen anywhere so I am always prepared just in case.
  8. UMBRELLA: You may find this confusing or hilarious but I am from a culture that umbrella is a must whenever one goes out from the house. You ask why would someone need an umbrella? You see umbrella is so versatile. One can use an umbrella when it is hot outside (to prevent sunburns) or when it is raining or even snowing. My umbrella is always inside my diaper bag whenever and whatever season it may be.
  9. HAND FAN: Another cultural must have. I always, ALWAYS bring a hand fan even during winter. I mean when one is wearing bulky coats, it is expected that one can always expect to feel sweaty sometimes. This is when a hand fan is vital. Furthermore, during the summer months, a hand fan would make strolling in the park or anywhere else comfortable.
  10. SNACKS and DRINKS: Once my baby reached 6 months, I always bring snacks and drinks whenever we go. My baby is very picky and bringing 2-3 or even more snacks and a drink (water or milk) plus a food pouch ensures that I do not have to deal with a hungry and cranky baby. I also like options hence the need of different kinds of snacks.  
  11. TOILETRIES: This is very important since one can never know when it is needed. This also includes a mini travel bottle of baby soap, small bottle of hand sanitizer, lotion, and lip balm.
  12. TOYS: A very important distraction device whenever my baby is getting cranky and does not like to strapped to his car seat.

You may wonder how I could fit all of that in my diaper bag. I can fit it in my guess bag and I even attached a messenger strap so I can just wear it across my body in case it gets too heavy. I am a self-professed over-packer but again I would rather have too much things to bring outside than not enough. What is your diaper bag must haves?

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A Ju-Ju-Be Love Story

In a kingdom up north, lived a lady who recently became a mom. As a new mom, she did not quite realize that she needed a diaper bag for her new baby. Every time she had to venture to the outside world of unknowns, she had to bring this bag along with her. In this bag that was primarily not meant to be a diaper bag lay the treasures of a new mom. These treasures are products that this new mom could not leave her house without bringing them with her. Her treasures included a magical umbrella, changing carpet, plastic wrap underwear, crescent fan, magic potion, healing ointment, modesty fabric, papermade cleansing tool, and natural nourishments. The magical umbrella is used to dispel the harmful rays from the blinding yellow circular object up in the sky.  The changing carpet, on the other hand, is utilized to lay the lady’s precious baby when cleaning up explosive bowel movements. Additionally, the plastic wrap underwear hides the family’s precious jewels while the papermade cleansing tool is used to cleanse the precious behind. Moreover, in order to maintain the code of modesty kept far and wide, a modesty fabric is clothed into the precious body of the lady’s baby. Furthermore, to prevent contaminating the lady’s hands from the microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye, a magical potion is used as a sanitizer. Just in the event of unforeseen accidents, a healing ointment is kept with the lady’s bag. Lastly, to prevent the transformation of the lady’s baby from an angel to a hulk, a natural nourishment is provided at certain intervals while they are out gallivanting.

Due to these very precious items that the lady keeps within her bag, she had to suffer carrying a very heavy bag either through her bare hands or in her shoulders. She was able to change the configuration of her bag by adding a leather strap that she can wear across her body to relieve her poor hands of the heavy burden. Instead of  helping the lady to be hands free, the poor lady is left with an aching shoulders by the end of their excursion. Alas, her sorrows are not yet complete since her bag could not be disinfected. She had to live with the fact that she is bringing invisible microorganisms picked up by her deconstructed bag inside her palatial abode. After months of these sorrowful circumstances, the lady stumbled upon a commentary showcased within a very popular virtual living space, where other moms within the kingdom spends their time either during or after providing nourishment to their babies. At first, the lady was filled with utter confusion and internally wondered how a diaper bag could elicit such strong reaction from lots of kingdom dwellers. Driven by strong curiosity and utter boredom, the lady researched the name Ju-Ju-Be. From that time on, the lady’s life has changed forever. She immediately fell in love with a variety of prints and types of bags that the Ju-Ju-Be company produces. She fell in love with the BFF due to its versatility to magically transform from cross-body messenger strap to a double strap contraption ensuring the wearer to be hands free. Furthermore, the lady also loves the Be Right Back due to its configuration of giving the wearer to be hands free yet the bag has gigantic storage perfect for the ladies enormous treasured items. The Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick enables the lady a small storage bag to keep or hide unmentionables from the inspecting and curious eyes of her beloved spouse. The types of Ju-Ju-Be bags that the lady is in love with boasts with marvelous prints including the Newport, Kaiju city, Blooming romance, Admiral, Duchess, Heiress, and so much more! As she sank deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of Ju-Ju-Be fandom, the lady transformed into a pink lady and could not control her desires to spread the Ju-Ju-Be love to every living creature she encounters. She even managed to drag down the rabbit hole her best friend, who is currently making googly eyes on the Kaiju City prints. The lady’s poor spouse has to suffer from the constant discussions of all things Ju-Ju-Be. Amidst the lady’s intense passion for Ju-Ju-Be bags, her treasury is lacking of golds and jewels. The poor lady has to contain herself and feed her obsession by hoping that someday she will finally be united with her love, the Ju-Ju-Be… 

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