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JuJuBe Messenger Strap

Have you ever felt the despair when you first received your JuJuBe messenger strap and it cannot be adjusted? That instant feeling of panic? Well, I did experience just that. I had to mentally tell myself that this is fixable. UNTIL! I realized that the metallic adjuster of the messenger strap can be taken out! YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! It can be REMOVED! How amazing is that? Well for me, it is just a genius idea. I then had to carefully analyze how to do it without risking ruining my new messenger strap.


1) I started by carefully folding the outer sides of the straps in order to reveal the hidden opened ends of the rectangular strap adjuster.


photo 2 (2).JPG


Here is another angle wherein you can see that I sort of pushed the ends of the strap inwards and then reinserted it to the strap adjuster.

photo 3 (2)2) You would then do the same on the other end. Here is a pic of both sides being folded in order to be able to remove the strap adjuster from being attached to the strap.


photo 4 (2)3) Then just slide the strap adjuster until fully out of the strap. Here is what the strap adjuster looks like. I have not encountered strap adjusters not being connected on all ends. This design is absolutely genius and I love that it can be done. No more having to worry about exchanging a messenger strap and waiting for days for the a new strap to arrive. As you can see in the picture below, my strap adjuster was located on the other end of the strap hence it can only go to a certain length due to the strap pads blocking its way.


photo 1 (3).JPG4) Since my hook ring was on the other side of the strap. I had to feed the rest of the strap through the strap pad. Once you looped the strap out of the strap pad, you can then remove the hook ring as shown below.


photo 2 (3).JPG5) You would then insert the strap adjuster first then the hook ring as shown below.

photo 3 (3).JPG6) Next, you would fold the strap backwards and then connect both open ends of the strap adjuster in the open part of the strap just like how you took it out (refer to #1 and 2) as shown below.


photo 4 (3).JPG

End result would look like this! Hopefully, I was able to help you during your times of frustration and confusion if ever you encounter this kind of dilemma.

photo 5 (3).JPG