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What is it about life, or living that makes it both fascinating yet confusing?

Living is a never ending cycle of happiness or sadness, regrets or successes, bliss or loneliness… 

As a child, our entire world are so simple, so straightforward… Our entire world revolves around our immediate vicinity, our immediate needs, wants, family, and friends. 

Looking back on my childhood, I was easily happy, easily captivated by the beauty of nature or a trivial object that catches my vivid imagination. I used to be able to feel contentment and happiness just looking at the soil with water running about. I used to imagination the earth that I stood upon is a miniature version of the earth and the ants are people. I found great wonderment at pretending I was looking over the great expanse of the earth and see how rivers and oceans flow. It was a great past time. A great time of pure imagination.

As I grew up my fascination and happiness became more focused on earthly materials, like grades, clothes, stuff. Just stuff that could be acquired, bought, and dreamed of owning just because others appears to like it too… 

Slowly my imagination die… my pure fascination and happiness slowly ebbs away as the calendar turn from pages to pages… 

As I currently sit here, in front of the computer, I reflect back on my life and realize how futile some aspects of my life has become… I feel hollow inside. I feel lonely and alone…

I crave for that moment of pure, unadulterated happiness, of simple pleasures of life. Of a life of a child… Alas I cannot turn back time, and I cannot live forever as a child. Time has passed and loved ones has gone and drifted away … yet here I am dreaming and craving for the days gone past… 



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Julie/Julia movie

OMG! Where have I been hiding all? Or perhaps why have I not heard about this amazing and totally realistic movie? It totally resonates my current life right now. Plus both of these ladies depicts real life scenarios of both the struggles of life especially trying to find something that would make you feel worthy. I really love how Julia is quite optimistic amidst some blatant judgmental looks or comments thrown her way. She basically lives her life to the fullest and is not afraid to try something new. She made me aspire to be her when she enrolled and even succeeded in being the best student at Le Cordon Blue! This is during a time that a woman chef does not seem to be looked favourably. Plus her amazing husband totally supports her sometime outlandish ideas! It does remind me somewhat of my dear husband who is quite supportive of my dreams and do work quite hard to make it a reality. He even does put my dreams first before his very own which makes me very thankful though a bit sad at the same time.

Julie on the other hand does particularly mirrors what I am doing at this very moment. She is quite tired of her daily life and needs something to make her life exciting, hence the blog. I am the same way. Though she is totally better than me since she made a deadline and completed it. I do have these long absences in writing. Life gets in the way and sometimes I just do not know how to properly organize my jumbling thoughts into a coherent blog piece. It does also seem like Julie is experiencing a crossroad in her life that made her want to do something that she had not done before just like I have not really published my thoughts before as well…

This movie both aspires and touches me to the core. It totally made me reflect on my current reality and future endeavours that I wish to accomplish. I have found two amazing women to look up to and aspire.

What movies has touched you to your core? Please share your thoughts and do give me an advice on how to stay on top of my writing. THANK YOU!

My thoughts

My blog journey

I have never thought of starting my own blog until a few days ago. I do have lots of ideas in my head but I have never entertained the idea of publishing or in this case, blogging it for the world to see. I guess what finally pushed me towards establishing my own blog is my need to find an outlet for all the things that are stuck inside my head. Talking about all my ideas to somebody can just go to such an extent until boredom or life kicks in and I am still left having that need for somebody or something to talk about. From that thirst to take out my inner thoughts resulted to the establishment of this blog.

Creating my first blog is quite unnerving. It is like learning how to ride a bike. To tell you the truth it also took me years to have the courage to learn how to ride a bike after my first bike riding attempt resulted in me falling. No, I did not injure myself. I only injured myself once I learned how to ride a bike. Writing a blog, like riding a bike can be quite exciting at a distance but once one delves into the intricacies of creating one, it can be quite overwhelming. To be honest, I still have no clue how my blog would unfold or what kind of topics I would discuss in this blog. However one thing is for certain, I would definitely talk about my parenting journey.  I would talk about topics that interest me as a parent at this moment in time. It is because parenting is the sun that my whole universe revolves around on. Being a parent is my main identity and my main focus and it would just be natural to talk about being a parent in this blog. Amidst parenthood being a central piece of this blog that does not mean I would not talk about other ideas or topics. I know myself too well that my mind would definitely jump from ideas to ideas so this blog would certainly not only focus on parenting that is for sure.

                                                                                                                               ~The Kurdi Mom

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” by Albert Einstein