Tula Love Soleil Blanket


I have always wondered why a lot of people are raving about the tula blankets. I was confused and did not get how a blanket can be expensive. UNTIL I GOT ONE! Tula blankets is so luxurious, soft, huge, and amazing! This fluffy goodness is totally worth the money if only on the basis that is made of bamboo! You can see the size difference of the tula in comparison to the summer infant muslin blanket. As you can tell, the Tula blanket is larger and it is softer as well. It comes with a bag that is quite handy for storage or when bringing this blanket outside. Since it is made of bamboo, it does require gentle care and preferably hang dried.

I sometimes use this blanket as my nursing cover. And since it is quite huge, it totally covers both myself and my son. It is breathable since it is thin. It does snag easily though so it needs to be cared of. Furthermore, it is a bit pricey as well and I do not like that this blanket does not have the silk tag. AMIDST all of those things, if I got the money, I would TOTALLY splurge on this blanket since it is so cuddly! My son loves wrapping himself with this blanket and it totally covers him from head to foot! Additionally, due to its size, you would need to wrap the baby more than usual if compared to normal swaddle blankets. I did not get this when my son was a newborn so I could not comment on its ease of use. I did use the summer infant pictured above and it was the perfect size.

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Baby Tula Free to Grow

Have you ever heard of the word, Baby Tula? If you have never heard of it, I think it is time that you start searching about Baby Tula carriers. They are a company that offers amazing baby carrier prints. Recently they are introduced their very own baby carrier that does not need an infant insert! To tell you the truth, I hate infant inserts! HATE, HATE, HATE it a lot! Why you may ask? It is because it adds layers to my already very sweaty and hot #babykurdi! #babykurdi tends to sweat easily and is also very fussy. Making #babykurdi use an infant insert so I can babywear him is better left unsaid. Now, back to the new #babytula trend. Have you seen the Blossom Free to Grow? I like all things floral and that baby carrier is LOVE! I also love that it has PFAs though they said it is a modified version of it. PFAs would make sure that #babykurdi would have a better fit when I babywear him. I am also very interested in their new baby carrier panel material, twill. I am not fully educated on what it is BUT I have read that it is a mix between a canvas and wrap conversion type fabric. If #babytula wants to send a Blossom Free to Grow my way, I would gladly accept with both hands and feet! 

If you are interested in finding out more about this #babytula Blossom Free to Grow, click the link below. 



{photo from http://blog.tulababycarriers.com/spring-2017-lookbook/ftg_north_park_369/ }